Addition of micronutrients in Wheat Flour Marie-France Bourgeois 19.01.2001
Fwd:seeking for help Sophie Baquet 12.03.2001

Subject: Addition of micronutrients in Wheat Flour
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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 07:07:58 +0100


Dear colleagues,

How difficult is it to add vita D in wheat flour? I am currently in Mongolia and was wondering if both Iron and Vita D could be added to wheat being processed to become wheat flour - is it something feasible? What are advantages/contra-indications?

Pls kindly advise

Marie-France Bourgeois

on the UNDAC/Assessment Mission

From: Sophie.BAQUETatmsf.be
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 11:59:16 +0100
Subject: Fwd:seeking for help


Dear Ngonutters,

We would like to share with you some information regarding the nutritional emergency occurring especially in the northern part of Burundi and to request your help.

MSFb is working in Karusi Province (350000 pers) located in the north east of the country.

Following consecutive bad harvests due to drought and diseased on the crops, a serious food crisis is hitting the area.

In addition, since November 2000, severe outbreak of malaria is adding to the deterioration of the health and nutritional situation (90939 consultations in February 2001).

A nutritional survey (2 stage cluster sampling) carried out last November 2000 showed high prevalence of malnutrition among children under five:

MSF is running supplementary and therapeutic feeding programs in 12 different locations in the province.

Today there are more than 22 000 beneficiaries enrolled in the SFP (Weekly admissions = 2630).

The TFP is currently treating around 2000 beneficiaries within 6 centers (3241 admissions last month)

Most of the beneficiaries admitted in the programs are children and adolescents.

There is a problem of malnutrition amongst the adult population, but our overstretched capacity is already limiting our ability to take care of the malnourished adults.

We are also extremely worried about the future since there is a high probability that the problems are going to last until next harvest (June 2001 or even December 2001), i.e. if the June harvest fails (prediction not promising).

Also, up to now there are no clear insurance on GFD in an early future.

We are requesting others agencies to urgently implement specific center for malnourished adults.

For any more information, please contact us.


Pascale Delchevalerie
Medical responsable Task force Burundi
Tel 0032/2/475 36 08 or 475 36 16.

Sophie Baquet
Nutrition responsable