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access to journals Michael Golden 01.03.2001
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Re: access to journals + your comments on reactivation of NGONUT Dominique Bounie 28.03.2001
Re: access to journals + your comments on reactivation of NGONUT Ian Darnton-Hill 29.03.2001

Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 10:55:38 +0000

From: Michael Golden <m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk>

Subject: Ngonut: access to journals


Dear ngonut,

I am motivated to circulate this letter. The lack of access to up-to-date information stifles progress in much of the developing world - library after library of Universities teaching future doctors and others, that I visit in the developing world, have no recent journals at all. IT technology has the potential to alleviate this problem (although it is expensive for many) - but this requires that the scientific record is made available.

I urge ngonuts, particularly those with an academic background to support this initiative - and not to co-operate with any journal that does not make its contents freely available on the net 6 months after publication.

Therefor, we write to ask for your support of an initiative to provide unrestricted access to the published record of scientific research. An open letter in support of this initiative has been signed by more than 7,000 scientists from 100 countries. We hope you will take a minute to read the letter and consider signing it.

The open letter, a list of the scientists who have already signed it, and some answers to frequently asked questions are posted at: http://www.publiclibraryofscience.org.

This site also provides a way for colleagues to sign the open letter online.

It is easiest to "sign" at the www site. If you do not have internet access at this time then you could send a message of support to <feedbackatpubliclibraryofscience.org> including your name, position, postal address and Email address.

You may also wish to read an editorial written by Richard J. Roberts, recently published in PNAS, which explains why he supports the initiative (http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/full/041601398v1).

This is a grassroots initiative, and the breadth and depth of support it receives from the scientific community will determine its success. If you decide to support this effort, please consider spending an hour or two of your time in the next week talking to colleagues at your own and other institutions, explaining to them the reasons that you chose to support it, and encouraging them to join you in signing the letter. Your effort can really make a difference.

======== OPEN LETTER ========

We support the establishment of an online public library that would provide the full contents of the published record of research and scholarly discourse in medicine and the life sciences in a freely accessible, fully searchable, interlinked form. Establishment of this public library would vastly increase the accessibility and utility of the scientific literature, enhance scientific productivity, and catalyze integration of the disparate communities of knowledge and ideas in biomedical sciences.

We recognize that the publishers of our scientific journals have a legitimate right to a fair financial return for their role in scientific communication. We believe, however, that the permanent, archival record of scientific research and ideas should neither be owned nor controlled by publishers, but should belong to the public, and should be freely available through an international online public library.

To encourage the publishers of our journals to support this endeavor, we pledge that, beginning in September, 2001, we will publish in, edit or review for, and personally subscribe to, only those scholarly and scientific journals that have agreed to grant unrestricted free distribution rights to any and all original research reports that they have published, through PubMed Central and similar online public resources, within 6 months of their initial publication date.


Prof. Michael H.N.Golden
Dept of Medicine and Therapeutics
Univ of Aberdeen, Foresterhill
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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:37:02 +1100

From: "Dr.Tony Helman"

Subject: Nutrition Updates in Spanish and Portuguese


Readers may be interested to know that the Arbor Clinical Nutrition Updates (of which I am the editor and about which I have posted here previously) are now being published in Spanish and Portuguese language editions as well as English.

In addition, we will shortly be adding a Japanese language edition and are currently looking for volunteer translators to produce one in Chinese language.

All language editions continue to be provided without charge as a free public health service to health professionals.

The Clinical Nutrition Updates contain short evidence-based reviews of current clinical nutrition research, seen from the perspective of clinical primary care. They are the world's most widely read Internet-based health professional nutrition communication, with over 40,000 health professional readers in 161 countries. I am happy to say that this includes quite a few [ngonut] members!

If you are aware of anyone would like to receive the Clinical Nutrition Updates in any of these languages, please let them know that they have only to send us a request by email to upLatarborcom.com.

In the email, they should state their name, email address, country of location, the institution they work for or are associated with (if relevant), a sentence about their professional background, and the language edition in which they wish to receive the Updates.

Kind regards,


Dr.Tony Helman
(MB, BS, D.Obst.RCOG, Mast.Med, D.Hum.Nutr, MRACGP)

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 14:25:08 +0200
From: "PFEDA : Dominique Bounie" <
Subject: : Re: access to journals + your comments on reactivation of NGONUT


Dear Ngonuts,

In response to Mike's recent contribution about free dissemination of information, I join below a proposal made by PreJournal.com for posting scientific publications on the web.

As far as I understand, the registration to such a service and the access to the corresponding search engine is free of charge. Each person submitting a paper will be provided in return with reward credits allowing him to download a given number of edited papers. Each time a paper is downloaded, its author will also receive some extra credits. I don't know what happens for downloadings made when you are not a registred author. I guess it should not be free.

Perhaps, this could be an interesting and alternative way to disseminate information.

I take this opportunity to reiterate a previous offer I made to Ngonuts to use our PFEDA website for free deposite of papers of nutritional interest and further collaborative discussions about them.

I would also appreciate your comments and opinions on the opportunity, or not, to extend Ngonut with news tools for collaborative work : common space for sharing addresses, Internet links, files, schedules, tasks, on-line chats, etc... This could be done on PFEDA, or on a separate e-group (Groove, eGroups, ...). What do you think ? This could be also a way to reactivate Ngonut, which was a bit depressed these last months. Please send your comments.



Please Circulate

Dear Colleague,

A refereed article published in a respected journal in a given field is the culmination of hard work by the authors, as well as the contributions by respected peers for their comments, suggestions and sometimes criticisms. It is not uncommon for an article to be published after a year or longer from the original date of submittal.

In the age of instant connectivity, information can be exchanged and propagated at the speed of light. To give and to get tidbits of inspiration, we need a cyber-space forum where ideas can be exchanged. It is a huge blackboard in the form of a chat room, a faculty lounge or a student union beyond campus boundaries. In this universe peers in your own specialties and from crossing fields can interact with each other without the tyranny of time zones, all taking place at Internet speed.

PreJournal.com is dedicated to such a proposition. We subscribe to the notion that knowledge is not gained in a vacuum, and that freshness of ideas is invaluable. You are encouraged to test, through services we provide, preliminary results of your wisdom in the community. You will gain further insights as well as receive a timely dose of rejoinder. Inspiration may also come to you by watching others engaging in dialogs on the subject.

We believe that free flow of up-to-date information can only be beneficial. But this is in no way to invalidate the value of refereed journal articles as a platform for the recognition of intellectual pursuit. We fully respect the value of formal, peer reviewed journal system that maintains the quality of publications.

PreJournal.com maintains the open nature of our forum. We will not ask for copyrights from article authors. Contributors are free to publish their works in any other journal or proceeding.

PreJournal.com is a manuscript repository of research discoveries, providing a forum for quasi real-time knowledge exchange. Visit www.PreJournal.com. Share this message with colleagues, and enjoy a new paradigm for surprises.



Contacts :

For web questions, contact webatprejournal.com.
For press and media, contact
Send letters to:
PreJournal, Inc.
P. O. Box 642027
San Jose, CA 95164 - 2027
U. S. A.


Dominique BOUNIE, Mr. : lecturer in Food Engineering
IAAL (Institut Agro-Alimentaire de Lille - Lille Institute of Food Industries)
Boulevard Langevin
Campus Universitaire de l'USTL (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille)
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - FRANCE
Tel : +33 (0)3 28 76 74 11, Fax : +33 (0)3 28 76 74 01

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:51:57 -0500
From: "Ian Darnton-Hill" <
Subject: Re: access to journals + your comments on reactivation of NGONUT


Dear Dominique:

Thanks for kind offer. Hopefully this could be discussed at Civil Society Meeting at SCN. Hopefully, Mike will offer a comment on this idea.

Thanks and regards,