Wall card for length identification
Wall card for length identification Annatjie Smith 03.06.2001
Re: Wall card for length identification David Morley 04.06.2001

From: "Smith" <jamsmithatintekom.co.za>
Subject: Wall card for length identification
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 22:14:54 +0200

Dear Ngonuts,

At the moment no length measurements or detail is on the Road to Health card used in our clinics. No length identifications or measurements are done in our clinics.
Results of a small study we did in a pediatric outpatient support the literature that a big % of children are so stunted that malnutrition is not identified at primary care level.
Do you know of any wall card available with easy identifying length of different ages to be used in clinics shops etc e.g TALC-detail or modules?
Please Availability and Where?

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From: "David Morley" <Davidatmorleydc.demon.co.uk>
Cc: "Dick Harding" <Dick.Hardingatumn.org.np>
Subject: Re: Wall card for length identification
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 14:07:19 +0100

Dear Annatajie, I am a little puzzled . You write about the 'Road to Health Chart' which emphasises the growth in the first 3 and to a smaller extent the first five years of life. Measurement of length in this age group is difficult for routine purposes, certainly in the routine clinic, and certainly to prevent stunting in this period regular weighing and plotting of the weight is necessary. The problem arises that after the first year when stunting is likely to be taking place so many, particularly the poorest fail to come. Have just heard from Dr Harding in Nepal where mothers have been weighing their children on Direct Recording Scales for some years that mothers go one weighing their children with these scales as it does not involve a clinic visit.
*****Will ask TALC to send you our catalogue, a sample of some low cost centil charts we have and papers on the Direct Recording Scale use among the Maasai and a recent FAO paper.
Hope someone else can give you more satisfactory answer.

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