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no advertisements please Michael Golden 09.03.2000
Sorry again: "Is there anybody out there"! Michael Golden 15.03.2000

Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 11:44:58 +0000

From: Michael Golden <>

Subject: no advertisements please


Dear Ngonutters,

We have just had two messages advertising positions.

The rules sent to all new members clearly state that this type of message is not allowed.

Anyone who transgresses again will have their membership suspended.

Exceptionally, I have trashed those replies sent to me, for forwarding.

You can send such messages to Dominique Bounie (PFEDA) for posting. DO not copy such messages to ngonut.

For all of you who have been annoyed, I apologies.

Mike Golden



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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 15:53:24 +0000

From: Michael Golden

Subject: Sorry again: "Is there anybody out there"!


Sorry again.

If there are any more messages from ngonuts that are not of general interest to everyone. Please send them to me personally, and I will forward them to the relevant people on the list. Clearly in this case, only those in Tanzania and Mozambique -and some of the international ngos.

Ngonut is meant to ASK FOR ANSWERS TO PROBLEMS, ask for expert ADVICE and to GIVE information. It is not for making contacts, planning trips, asking for data, looking for staff etc.

If the message is not any interest to most users then do not use this forum. There are other fora for these activities.

Mike Golden