Fortification in Malawi
Fortification in Malawi Miriam Wiebe 01.03.2000
Re: Fortification in Malawi Penelope Nestel 02.03.2000
RE: Fortification in Malawi Annoek Van den Wijngaart 02.03.2000

Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 15:37:59 +0000

From: (Miriam Wiebe)

Subject: Fortification in Malawi



Greetings from Malawi. I am writing this on behalf of the newly formed National Fortification Technical Committee. We are looking for some input into some decisions regarding fortification that we are trying to make.

1 - We want to fortify sugar that is centrally produced here in Malawi with Vitamin A. We have heard that our neighbors in Zambia were assisted by MI and that they now have a successful sugar fortification program running. Low vitamin A status is still a problem in Malawi and we see this as one way of addressing the problem. If you have any input on the levels of vitamin A to add, as well as technical advice regarding equipment and regulations, we would appreciate hearing from you.

2 - Maize flour is processed centrally by 2 companies in Malawi and we would like to see all the maize flour coming from these companies fortified with iron, zinc, niacin, folate and vitamin A. We would appreciate any input on establishing appropriate levels of these nutrients to be added to the maize flour.

(Centrally produced maize flour is only available to 10-15% of the population. This effort is planned in conjunction with the World Vision MICAH program initiative to fortify maize flour in a community based - village level fortification strategy.)

3 - Complimentary food (primarily a maize-soya blend called likuni phala) is made by one food company and an association of 5 small mills. We are trying to establish some regulations regarding the addition of vitamin A, folate, iron, zinc, B-vitamins and calcium. Again, any input on the levels of nutrients to be added, and the development of regulations would be helpful.

In Malawi we do not have a Food Law but we are trying to put in place some regulations that would have some weight and meaning. The Technical Committee is comprised of members representing the Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Malawi Bureau of Standards, the National Economic Council, the City Assemblies and World Vision MICAH (Micronutrient and Health) Program and we are a part of a larger task force that includes representatives from the largescale producers as well as the small scale millers.

We are eager to learn from those of you that would have specific expertise in these areas.

Thanks in advance!




Miriam Wiebe

Program Officer, MICAH Malawi, World Vision International

P.O. Box 692, Lilongwe, Malawi, Central Africa,


Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 18:02:00 -0500

From: Penelope Nestel <>

Subject: Re: Fortification in Malawi


USAID supported the development and implementation of the Zambia sugar fortification program, using the manuals developed by Omar Dary and Guillermo Arroyave. These manuals, which are based on the experiences in Central America can be found on the MOST project web site, under publications and OMNI manuals ( Let me know if you cannot access the manuals and we will get you a hard copy.


Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 13:19:23 +0700

From: "vandenWijngaart, Annoek (FAORAP)" <>

Subject: RE: : Fortification in Malawi


You might want to contact the Fortification Task Force in Zambia at:

National Food and Nutrition Commission

P.O. Box 32669, Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: 260-1-227803/4, Fax: 260-1-221426