Anaemia in Comoros
anaemia in Comoros Marie-Paule Lerude 08.01.2000
Re: anaemia in Comoros Penelope Nestel 11.01.2000

From: "Marie P" <>

Subject: anaemia in Comoros

Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 22:10:05 +0100


Dear Ngonuters,

Best wishes for a very happy new year 2000 from a very little island !

I am currently looking for information in order to propose an investigation on anaemia and iodin deficiency in Anjouan, Comoros :


Information available up to now : 7, 3 % of malnourished children (0-23 months) have a haemoglobin < 8g% We are interested in collecting information about anaemia among reproductive women. How can I get information about organizing an investigation about anaemia ( design + material + competence needed for lab (in order to appraise cost) of dosage of ferritin or/and erythrocyte protoporphyrin.

Iodine deficiency

Total goitre among children (8-11years old) : 15,8 % cretinism : 0,9 %

Same question as for Anaemia : How can I get information about collecting more information about iodine deficiency by a dosage of urinary iodine ( design + material and competence needed + cost)

Another point is :

>From a lesson learned in a project in Madagascar, a funding agency would like to work at primary school level with iron supplementation. Which dose would you recommend ? Would a supplement of 60 mg elementary iron every week during 3 months for children at primary school (6-14 years old) be appropriate as a prophylactic supplementation ? or is 60 mg elementary iron/child/school day be better ?



Marie-Paule Lerude

CARE International, Anjouan Comoros


Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 14:19:06 +0000

From: Penelope Nestel <>

Subject: Re: anaemia in Comoros


The International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group (INACG) recently issued guidelines for the use of iron supplements to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia that is available on their website under:

I will forward your note to an iron assessment expert to see if she has a summary of methods and equipment requirements for the various methods for ferritin and EP.

The International Council for the Control of IDD has various documents related to IDD assessment etc. Try looking for information on http://www.people.Virginia.EDU. If you have no luck there, try looking at the ICCIDD web site.