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New Year Message - WWW and language problems Michael Golden 07.01.99
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Re: apologies for the advertisement Dominique Bounie 20.05.99

Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 19:14:55 +0000

From: Michael Golden <refugeesatabdn.ac.uk>

Subject: New Year Message - WWW and language problems.


I want to thank all NGONUTs for supporting me during the past years - I am

very grateful to you all for your messages of encouragement and thanks.

A special thanks to Dominique Bounie at Lille University who is putting

past ngonut contributions onto his WWW pages at

<http://www.univ-lille1.fr/pfeda> This is a lot of work and it will be some

time before they are all on the WWW - and it will take a lot of work to

maintain! This website refers to the PFEDA project (Partners and Food in

Emergency and Food Aid). Dominique has also put in a section where courses

and jobs can be posted - a needed feature that we have not allowed on the

ngonut, after polling the membership.

I note that there are relatively few contributions from those ngonuts in

the field whose first language is not English (with some notable exceptions

- smile): I suspect that this is due to reticence in writing in a foreign

language. This is a great pity, because I know that these people have a

lot to offer and questions that require discussion.

At one stage I asked friends to start French and Spanish versions of ngonut

- this did not happen, I think because of the amount of work entailed - but

on reflection this was not a good idea, because it would inevitably lead to

a separate evolution and messages would not be cross-posted or translated.

Separateness/isolation would be perpetuated.

I would be grateful if those members who are fluently bilingual, Spanish,

French, Italian, Portugese etc, who would be willing to translate messages

from members who have difficulty with language would let me know - I would

then post their names, EMail addresses and language to the membership.

Then, anyone whose first language is not English, who wants to contribute

to the discussion, could first send their message to one of the bilingual

volunteers on the list, who would add a translation and forward it to the

list (perhaps with their own comments added - smile). I do not anticipate

that there will be a great deal of such traffic - but let us try to remove

inhibitions where we can. I'm afraid that translation of answers is not


Let us make 1999 a good year, with discussion of the highest quality

including robust rebuttal where members disagree with opinions expressed.


Peace and love

Mike Golden



Prof. Michael H.N.Golden

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From: pfedaatpop.univ-lille1.fr (Dominique Bounie)

Subject: Re: New Year Message - WWW and language problems.



Mike, let me first thank you for your wishes. I wish you too a happy new year with other new and exciting challanges. On my behalf and certainly on every Ngonuts behalf, I want to warmly thank you for your irrepleceable contribution to the on-going and future humanitarian actions. NGONUT is certainly an original and efficient support of communication and contributes greatly to share experiences, point of views and questions.

Concerning PFEDA, I would like to add the following comments :

- updating of the cataloging of the past contribution to NGONUT is in progress ; I wish that catloging of 1998 archives will be soon completed.

- NGOnuts are invited to contribute to PFEDA by sending me any information (field reports, training materials, addresses, job opportunities, etc...) that could benefit to other users ; these information will be implemented on different webpages ("Training", "Your page") that I have specifically developped for this purpose. The only prerequisite is that you, or your organization, accept the principle of free-diffusion and dissemination.

- You are also invited to update the 2 databases that are already implemented on the site :

. in the PARTNERS database, you may ask to be referenced (please, check you are ; more than 2000 references presently) through your organisation or company ; you may also propose to add references of other persons who are not yet listed ;

. in the FOOD database, you may submit the technical characteristics of the food product developped by your company, or those that you are currently using in the field. One year ago, we had an interesting debat about local foods vs. imported food : PFEDA could help to identify, describe and diffuse both the relief items coming from donor countries and those produced locally. I think that such an updated database would be a noticeable contribution to any humanitarian field practitionner, NGO or agency. The FOOD database is presently not very big and still needs to be implemented on-line on the site (today, you may only download it, but I will put it on-line in the coming weeks, as soon as I would have completed the archiving of the NGONUT past contributions). I also need your comments about the different fields which are presently proposed in the database : do they correspond to the type of information you need, or do you need other fields (B. Torun and G. Fuchs : do you have any proposals since our previous email exchanges ?)

The last point concerns your support to this project. PFEDA is intended to be an interactive site and therefore requires your active contribution. Beyond this, I need your help to promote the site to new users, for exemple by inserting a link to PFEDA from your own website, if any. I need also your reactions and remarks and those from your organizations.


Thank you


Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 15:48:51 +0000

From: Michael Golden <refugeesatabdn.ac.uk>

Subject: translation and editing


I've had a relatively poor response to the request to translate for people

who have difficulty English. However, we can now offer this service, but

the potential burden on the volunteers would be much less if others would


For FRENCH contributions please send to:

*** Yvonne Grellety <ygrelletyatunicef.org>

*** Katherine Hildebrand <khildatnutrition.itg.be>

For SPANISH contributions please send to:

*** Katherine Hildebrand <khildatnutrition.itg.be>

There are also members whose first language is Kiswahili, etc etc, who may

feel a bit shy about exposing their 'bad' English for all to see. For

these as well as French, Spanish, etc - speakers we will also offer an

"editing" service - messages for such "polishing".

For EDITING contributions into better English, please send to:

*** Ann Burgess <annburgessatsol.co.uk> (not until March 1999 as Ann will be

in the field until then).

*** Michael Golden <m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk>

The volunteers may take some time over the task or be away on missions - If

they think that they have not changed the meaning of what you are trying to

say, they will directly post your contribution to NGONUT rather than return

it for you to post.

If anyone else would like to offer "translation or editing services" then

please let me know.

We should all be very grateful to Yvonne, Katherine and Ann - thank you.


Mike Golden

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:03:00 +0100

From: Michael Golden <refugeesatabdn.ac.uk>

Subject: apologies for the advertisement


I am sorry that there have recently been two messages asking for staff.

The member has been contacted and asked to refrain in future; nobody should take this as a precedent.

I know that this is a service that is badly needed - but it is not the purpose ngonut. The membership were canvassed about this some time ago and agreed 10:1 not to allow this sort of message on ngonut. I am at the moment seeking funds to create a WWW site for NGONUT and at that time we can provide this service on the web.

Again sorry,


Mike Golden

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 17:48:24 +0100

From: Dominique.Bounieatuniv-lille1.fr (Bounie)

Subject: Re: apologies for the advertisement



Following Mike's previous email, I remind NGOnuters that such a service is available on PFEDA website (http://www.univ-lille1.fr/pfeda) together with other services (archiving of NGONUT contributions, announcement of meetings/symposium, list of books & training materials + databases on partners and foods involved or used in emergencies and/or development aid). Your are invited to feed the website with your own information (reports, annoucements, etc...)

I take this opportunity to inform you that, due to lack of support, I cannot maintain alone this site anymore. I am then looking after an organisation interested to take over the whole site and continue the work in the "same spirit" : interactivity with users, centralisation + dissemination of technical information, free and eased access. I would favor a solution where this site might be kept more or less as it is, instead of being broken into different pieces.

Anyone interested, please contact me.

Until I am sure that PFEDA could satisfactorily continue somewhere else, I will take on the site.



Dominique Bounie