Android obesity
Android obesity D R Hakeem 13.11.99
RE: Android obesity Joan Conway 18.11.99

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 04:58:42 +0500

From: hakeem <>

Subject: Android obesity


I am comparing anthropometic indices of nutrtional status of low middle and high income group males and female in Karachi.

In view of the fact that skeletal, particulaty pelvic growth is compromised as the result of poor nutritional status during the period of growth, I wonder would it be sensible to use WHR as measure of comparing central obesity across income groups ?. I would be really grateful for comments and references on this topisc. I would also be grateful if anyone could comment or refer to published material on the effect of a high fiber and high carbohydrate diet and GIDs on waist circumfercne.



D R Hakeem

Karachi, Paksitan.

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:34:33 +0000

From: "Joan Conway" <>

Subject: RE: Android obesity


Dr Hakeem and Colleagues,

Waist circumference is the single best surrogate for visceral adiposity in European, African American, Hispanic American and Caucasian American men and women. Perhaps this will also be true in the population you are studying.

Waist circumference is also an independent risk factor for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.



Joan Marie Conway, Ph.D., R.D.

US Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland