Water Purification
Self Rehydrating Product based on Osmotically Driven Nanofiltration Eric Rennies 02.11.99
Water Purification Mutinta Hambayi 02.11.99
Water Purification David Morley 08.11.99
Self Rehydrating Products-osmotic drivers Michael Golden 08.11.99

From: Eric Rennies <ERatagridan.be>

Subject: Self Rehydrating Product based on Osmotically Driven Nanofiltration

Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 15:41:11 -0000


Dear NGOnut,

I am very pleased to inform you that in addition to my tasks related to the promotion of Pre-cooked Split Peas, I have been charged to introduce a new concept of water purification for humanitarian aid.

This easy to use product provides safe water and food (therapeutic milk, ORS ...) where and when it is needed, from almost any available water source. It excludes bacteria, viruses, cysts using no fuel, no chemicals, no heating.

This was developed in close collaboration with well known organisations such as WHO, the ICDDRB in Dhaka, the Institute of Child Health, ...

The product offers many benefits in situations like : nutrition centres, at the first stage of crisis (flooding, earthquake, epidemics), movement of population, refugees and in all areas where the access of safe water is limited.

It is a self rehydrating product, based on osmotically driven nanofiltration.

My new colleague, Mr. Jean-François De Maere, will be travelling to Ivory Coast from 11/11 till 14/11 and would be happy to demonstrate the system to those of you based in Abidjan working in the field.

Kind regards,



Eric Rennies - Consultant

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From: "Mutinta Hambayi" <Mutinta.Hambayiatwfp.org>

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 07:54:17 +0200

Subject: Water Purification



Would you like to share more information on the concept of water purification.

Water safety is one of the greatest challenges we face while doing humanitarian work. I work as a nutritionist in Sudan and access to both safe and adequate water is a big challenge please share your concept.



Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 16:26:11 +0000

From: David Morley <Davidatmorleydc.demon.co.uk>

Subject: Water purification


Dear Mutinta, If nothing else is available exposing water in a clear plastic bottle is very effective. Lancet letters Vol340 921 Oct 10th92 & Lancet 17th '88. A controlled trial showed that this method reduces diarrhoea in children.

Lancet348 p.1696 Dece21/28 '96 If you cannot get these papers I can send you a photocopy by mail. David.


David Morley, Emeritus Professor of Tropical Child Health

University of London.

Davidatmorleydc.demon.co.uk, Tel: & Fax. 44 (0) 1582 712199.

Preferred Address; 51 Eastmoor Park, Harpenden, AL5 1BN. UK.

Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 16:18:43 +0000

From: Michael Golden <refugeesatabdn.ac.uk>

Subject: Self Rehydrating Products-osmotic drivers


Dear Ngonuts,

There has been a lot of interest expressed since Eric sent the message: For example:

>I (and I'm sure other 'nutters') would be interested in more technical

>details: Is this a proprietary product or a technology which people and

>organizations can use for themselves? What is the cost? What is the

>production rate/capacity (e.g. litres/hour)? What reports of

>(prefereably independent) technical trials are available?

>Best regards Ron Ockwell ronatwanadoo.fr


Some of the history is as follows:

A patent was taken out by an Englishman who had the idea that a cellulose bag could be used to exclude bacteria when making up ORS. This was taken up by UCB, one of the companies that manufactures cellulose film (cellophane). Initially this did not work because the pore size of cellophane sufficiently large that the salts leaked out of the bag as fast as the water entered. The concept was then changed from "filtration" to osmosis and UCB designed an entirely new coating for the cellophane that excluded very low molecular weight compounds. The prototype bags are small individual bags that are put into any water which then rehydrates by osmosis, remaining sterile. It can also be used to rehydrate other products such as F100 and Formula milks. The company have been developing this technology for the past 5 years or so, and have field tested it in several sites. The person responsible for the development program is Lesley Sealby <Lesley.Sealbyatucb-group.com>. This product is not as yet commercially available and I do not think that a price has been set - I will ask Lesley to keep Ngonuts aware of progress on the issues raised by Ron Ockwell and others.

Best wishes

Mike Golden


Prof. Michael H.N.Golden

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