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Zinc Supplements Tom Davis 27.11.98
RE: Zinc Supplements David Alnwick 27.11.98

Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 11:47:26 +0000

From: "Tom Davis" <tdavisatm-y.net>

Subject: Zinc Supplements


Does anyone have contact information for cheap zinc supplements for children? I am especially looking for drops or syrup, with a daily dosage of about 10mg. I have some information on a chemical company in the U.S. that sells granules of zinc sulfate -- With that source, the zinc sulfate heptahydrate required to dose one child for a year costs $0.42. I have not been able to determine, however, how we would turn the granules into a syrup or drops.



Tom Davis, MPH, Senior Health Specialist, Food for the Hungry, International

Senior Program Specialist, Andean Rural Health Care


Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 08:30:44 -0500

From: dalnwickatunicef.org (David Alnwick)

Subject: Re: Zinc Supplements


Dear Tom,

I write from UNICEF, New York. UNICEF is in the process of developing such a formulation, probably combined with iron - but unfortunately nothing 'on the shelf' at the present time.

The Quigley company, which manufactures 'Cold-Eze' in the US, the zinc lozenges popular as a cold remedy, approached both UNICEF and a researcher at Hopkins after the publication of the 'Pediatrics' article on the ARI India trial to see if we were interested in a donation of lozenges, or perhaps other formulations, or possible partnership. For various reasons, we were unable to pursue this at that time. However you might consider approaching this company directly to see if they could help you out - perhaps on a pro-bono - trial basis. Their contacts can be found on the WWW, but if you have trouble please get back to me.


David Alnwick

Health Section, Programme Division