Recommendation of 1992 International Conference on Nutrition
update? Olivier Receveur 21.10.98
Re: update? S.K. Roy 23.10.98
Re: NPAN update? Nguyen Quang Trung 26.10.98

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 10:36:09 +0100

From: "Olivier Receveur" <>

Subject: Ngonut: update?


Dear colleagues,

What happens to the 1992 International Conference on Nutrition first recommendation which reads: "To prepare or improve, as early as possible and no later than the end of 1994, national plans of action and policies based on principles and strategies enunciated in this World Declaration and plan of Action".

I would be most grateful to read about it.

Thank you in advance for any references you may share.

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 11:57:18 +0100

From: "Dr. S.K. Roy" <>

Subject: Re: Ngonut: update?


Dear Prof. Receveur,

I suppose every country has done much by now at least to report the progress.

In South Asian countries, Documents have been update on a) country paper on nutrition

The National Plan of action on nutrition (NPAN) has been completed in almost all countries.

Sectoral projects and development plans has been incorporated in each ministry, Every country has got focal point on nutrition in the Ministry and national committee of NPAN execution to coordinate this activities. Sub projects on different sectors are being executed but the progress depends much on donors support in poor countries.

In many countries, national large programme has been started to address the issues,

In Bangladesh , we have prepared our documents and few projects are on.

The largest and known programme is Bangladesh integrated nutrition project funded by World bank with remarkable success.

If you wish, we can provide more information

Thank you very much,

yours sincerely,


S.K.Roy, ICDDR,B, Bangladesh

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 09:47:32 +0000

From: Nguyen Quang Trung <>

Subject: Re: Ngonut: NPAN update?


Dear Prof. Receveur,

In Vietnam, the Govertment has approved the national Plan of Actions for Nutrition (NPAN) in 1995. Last year, with UNICEF and ADB assistance, the Govertment has prepared the Investment Plan for Nutrition in frame of its NPAN.

I think this process is the same in most countries. In particular, this year, as you know, in Annual UNICEF document titled "The State of the World's Children 1998", Nutrition was given high priority. If you have any further query, please do not hesitate to contact us.


N.Q. Trung , National Nutrition Officer, Hanoi

Tel. 84-4-8261170-75, Fax: 84-4-8262641