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Guidelines on Integrating Household Food Security and Nutrition into Relief and Rehabilitation Ellen Muehlhoff 21.04.98
Household Food Security in Africa and more Jean-Charles Le Vallee 23.04.98

From : Ellen Muehlhoff

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:08:08 +0100

Subject: Ngonut: Guidelines on Integrating Household Food Security and Nutrition into Relief and Rehabilitation


"Dear Ngonuts,

The Nutrition Programmes Service of FAO's Food and Nutrition Division (ESNP) has prepared draft "Guidelines on Integrating Household Food Security and Nutrition into Relief and Rehabilitation" for programme managers, nutritionists and other technicians, consultants and field staff working for FAO, other UN agencies, NGOs and governments, who are actively involved in promoting nutrition and improved household food security in emergency and rehabilitation situations.

We would like to have inputs from organizations and experienced individuals to improve the present draft, so that the guidelines will provide useful, simple and realistic advice to the user. In particular, we are concerned to obtain contributions from experts/ practitioners in relief and rehabilitation (focusing on household food security and nutrition, rather than on nutrition/health issues) who have considerable experience and a strong interest in the topic. Comments on the content and approach, rather than detailed editorial comments would be the most valuable. We would also appreciate receiving suggestions or contributions to replace or improve the existing case study material (in boxes) to strengthen the current text.

The present draft is quite a long: 11 documents in word6 - which take 194 Kbytes in the zipped format. If any ngonuts would like to assist us in this exercise, particularly those who are active in household food security and nutrition in relief and rehabilitation situations, please contact "Muehlhoff, Ellen (ESNP)" <> or with a copy to Veronica Tuffrey <> (outside the ngonut system please) by Tuesday, 28 April and I will send you the document for confidential review. We aim at finalizing the guidelines by July 1989 for publication in the autumn. We would appreciate receiving your comments by Thursday, 14 May at the very latest.

All those who request the present draft guidelines and provide comments on it will receive a copy of the complete final guidelines from FAO either in hard copy or in electronic form - so that the draft guidelines can be replaced and used at that stage.


Ellen Muehlhoff, Nutrition Officer

Nutrition Programmes Service, Food and Nutrition Division

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy

Email:, Tel.: 0039-6-5705 4113, Fax: 0039-6-5705 4593

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:55:53 +0100

From: Jean-Charles Le Vallee <>

Subject: Ngonut: Household Food Security in Africa and more


Dear Ngonuts,

Our Food security project at Michigan State University concentrates on Africa and is a cooperative agreement between USAID and our Department of Agricultural Economics. Please visit our website at as you will find free publications, results from our research (working papers), contact information and much more. Do not hesitate to write to me if you have any questions. Plusieurs travaux portent sur l'Afrique de l'Ouest egalement. And some work is available in Portuguese as well (Mozambique). The fact sheets and policy syntheses are in html and pdf (or Adobe Acrobat) format. More working papers will be coming on-line (e.g. Ethiopia), they are available in pdf only. You will also find part of the site dedicated to agricultural market information sources on the internet.

For example, in Ethiopia, we work on a market grain research project, developing a market information bulletin, household food security, food aid, policy, productivity, local procurement and so on.

The fact sheets cover the Mali Maize Subsector Study, Mali Market Information Study (SIM), Mozambique Study, Rwanda Study, Sahel Regional Program, Ethiopia Food Security Project, Agricultural Productivity Studies, Food Access Synthesis Studies, Strategic Planning Studies, Technology Assessment Studies, and Agricultural Transformation. Examples of Policy Syntheses:


- Trends in Real Food Prices in Six Sub-Saharan African Countries.

- Promoting Farm Investment for Sustainable Intensification of African Agriculture.

- Improving the Measurement and Analysis of African Aricultural Productivity: Promoting Complementarities Between Micro and Macro Data.

- Effects of Market Reform on Access to Food by Low-Income Households: Evidence from Four Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

- Promoting Food Security in Rwanda Through Sustainable Agricultural Productivity: Meeting the Challenges of Population Pressure, Land Degradation, and Poverty.

- Cash Crop and Foodgrain Productivity in Senegal: Historical View, New Survey Evidence, and Policy Implications. (French and English) - A Strategic Approach to Agricultural Research Program Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa.

- Will the CFA Franc Devaluation Enhance Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in the Senegalese Peanut Basin? (French and English) - PRISAS/INSAH-MSU-USAID Sahel Regional Food Security Project: Results and Impact.

- USAID Contributes to Building National Capacity to Strengthen Food Security: an Example From Mali.

- Food Marketing and Pricing Policy in Eastern and Southern Africa: Lessons for Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Access to Food.

- Fostering Agricultural and Food System Transformation in Africa.

- Facilitating Effective Food Security Policy Reform.

- Zimbabwe Food Security Success Story: Maize Market Reforms Improve Access to Food Even While Government Eliminates Food Subsidies.

- Mozambique Food Security Success Story.

- Payoffs to Investments in Agricultural Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa.

- Relief Through Development: Maize Market Liberalization in Urban Kenya.

- Determinants of Farm Productivity in Africa: A Synthesis of Four Case Studies.

- Assessing the Impact of Cowpea and Sorghum Research and Extension in Northern Cameroon.

- The Impact of Millet, Sorghum, and Cowpea Research and Technology Transfer in Niger.

- How Non-research Investments Affect Research Impact: The Case of Maize Technology Adoption in southern Mali.

- Zambia's Stop-and-Go Revolution: The Impact of Policies and Organizations on the Development and Spread of Hybrid Maize.

- Returns to Oilseed and Maize Research in Uganda.

- Impact Assessment of African Agricultural Technology Development and Transfer: Synthesis of Findings and Lessons Learned.

- Shortcuts to Progress: An Assessment of Agricultural Research Planning And Priority Setting in Africa.

- And more.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers, Jean-Charles Le Vallee


======================================================================= Jean-Charles Le Vallee Visiting Research Specialist

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Food Security II Project Web Site, policy syntheses and fact sheets (pdf Adobe Acrobat format also available)

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