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new subscription request, and request for discussion D Labadarios 02.03.98
re: new subscription request, and request for discus... Venkatesh Mannar 22.03.98

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Subject: Ngonut: new subscription request, and request for discussion


Greeting from the tip of Africa!

The subject matter for the proposed discussion/help relates to a national survey under the auspices and financial support of our Ministry of Health on the definition of the food consumption patterns in children 1-9 years of age with a view to identifying vehicle(s) for food fortification and nutrition education.

Could all those working in this field and who are interested in such a discussion please contact me.

For background this is a follow up national survey on the one we have already completed on the micronutrient status of children 6-71 months of age, the major findings of which include a 33% prevalence of marginal vitamin A status in this population group. The current survey, now in its design stage, has to be completed the soonest possible and a report has to be produced within the nine months from now. All nine Universities with Departments of Nutrition/Dietetics are partners to the awarded tender.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.





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Subject: re: Ngonut: new subscription request, and request for discus...

From: Venkatesh Mannar


This is in response to the request from Prof. D. Labadarios for guidance in

planning a food consumption patterns in children 1-9 years of age in order

to identify appropriate food vehicles for fortification. The Micronutrient

Initiative in collaboration with PATH Canada has prepared a set of

guidelines for this which we call FRAT (Fortification Rapid Assessment

Tool). This is a set of guidelines with two parts:

1. A food consumption component that is designed to collect a minimum

amount of data on food consumption to assess the penetration of one or

more food items under consideration as carriers for fortification.

2. A market analysis component to provide information on the production and

distribution aspects of the identified food vehicles. This will enable an

understanding of the manufacturing processes of the food vehicles,

packaging and distribution patterns to assess the technical and economic

feasibility of fortification.

Draft FRAT Guidelines are currently being field tested in a few countries.

However, the Micronutrient Initiative is willing to share these guidelines

with others who may be interested in testing them as well.


M.G.Venkatesh Mannar, Executive Director

The Micronutrient Initiative

250 Albert Street, Ottawa Canada K1G 3H9