Quality control of data and supervision
Quality control of data and supervision Biram Ndiaye 22.02.98
Re: Quality control of data and supervision Deepti Chirmulay 06.03.98

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 12:32:47 +0100

From: BIRAM NDIAYE <bndiayeatcyg.sn>

Subject: Ngonut: Quality control of data and supervision


Dear ngonuts,

I'am the nutrition officer of the community nutrition project of Sénégal

(West Africa) and I'am in charge of supervision, auditory and monitoring of

the community nutrition centers. Actually, we have 200 centers around the

country and we plan to have 400 in 1999. Each center is managed by 4

community nutrition workers : the 1st is responsible of growth monitoring,

the 2nd is responsible of nutrition education, the 3rd is in charge of food

suplement distibution, and the 4th is the coordinator of the team.

We have implemented a nutrition information system but we are facing a

problem quality control of data. Because the salaries of the community

nurition workers depend their performances. When they are performants they

remain in the project, but when they are not performant the have be fired.

The performance are assessed from the data they collected.

We are using cross checking method, random double weighing, home visit. But

these methods are limited and to heavy.

I know that many of you are very experiment and that this proplem is not

new for you. How are you dealing with the quality control of data. If

someone have some advise or usefool tools I would be happy to receive them.

Also I would be happy to receive materials or publications on supervision,

information system audit and control, monitoring in nutrition or related


Sincerely yours


Dr Biram Ndiaye, Responsable Nutrition

Projet de Nutrition Communautaire, Agence d'Exécution de Travaux d'Intérêt Public contre le sous emploi-AGETIP

Boulevard Djily Mbaye x Berenger Feraud, BP 11224, Dakar, SENEGAL

Tél : (221) 39 02 46, Fax : (221) 21 04 78, E-mail : bndiayeatcyg.sn

Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 18:29:22 +0000

From: Deepti Chirmulay BAIF <baifatwmi.co.in>

Subject: Re: Ngonut: Quality control of data and supervision


Dear Sir,

I am a paediatrician turned community health person, working in integrated development programmes in India. From my experience of working with field workers, I could suggest two things :

1. Try to assign geographical area wise responsibility to the workers rather than functional area, since the activities in nutrition are all interlinked.

2. If the worker performance is judged on impact outputs e.g. proportion / number of children showing improvement in nutrition grade, which could be randomly cross checked, they would have more valid data and performance.


Dr. Deepti Chirmulay,

Jt. Programme Director,

BAIF Development Research Foundation,

314 / 1 Warje, Pune 411 029. INDIA