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Meeting - In country food fortification of cereals: Nairobi 2nd Sept Steven Hansch 25.08.97
Sept. 2 -Reply Rita Bhatia 28.08.97
Workshop on New approaches for fortification Gabriel Maritim 29.08.97

Subject: Meeting - In country food fortification of cereals: Nairobi 2nd Sept

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 14:44:19 +0100 (BST)


This is a message from Steven Hansch, Refugee Policy Group. I hope that after the meeting, those that cannot attend will be treated to the conclusions/questions arising etc by the attendees and given a chance to comment.


Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 00:17:49 +0300

From: "Dr. Gabriel Maritim" <maritimgatusers.africaonline.co.ke

Subject: Main Notification

X-URL: http://www.africaonline.co.ke/


UNICEF OLS invites all who are interested to attend a one day workshop on NEW APPROACHES FOR THE FORTIFICATION OF EMERGENCY FOOD AID a roundtable discussion among commercial firms, NGOs, UN, and donors.

September 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Giri Giri UN Compound, Conference Room No. 7. Nairobi, Kenya.

The meeting is convened in concert with the Refugee Policy Group and the Micronutrient

Initiative of Canada. WFP and UNHCR are major players who will be given opportunity to frame the discussion. The focus of the workshop is to inquire what would be needed to fortify maize or wheat along the food aid pipeline within African countries, to add broad range of micronutrients via premix to the regular rations and diets of refugees and crisis victims. Which millers of these cereals can do the enrichment in a manner that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable? What are the implications with regard to homogeneity of final product --- proper mixing of the premix? What are the constraints in terms of mixing/feeder equipment, costs, fuel and training? What are general systems of quality control: how can donors monitor the output? What agreements or inputs are needed between NGOs, donors and commercial firms?


For further questions, please contact Ms. Linda Ethangatta, UNICEF Nutritionist, 254 2 622 767, or Dr. Gabriel Maritim, University of Nairobi: 254 2 583 184.

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 09:19:08 +0200

From: Rita Bhatia <BHATIAatunhcr.ch>

Subject: Sept. 2 -Reply



Thank you the invitation to the Nairobi round table discussions on New Approaches for the Fortification of Emergency Food Aid on September 2 convened by RPG and MI Canada. We are surprised to receive this invitation through ACCSCN and NGONUT as well one week prior to this forum.

In the invitation it is stated that WFP and UNHCR being the major players will be given opportunity to frame discussions. How interesting when neither of the agencies were consulted and coordinated with.

UNHCR and WFP give an utmost importance to this topic which is under constant review and progress within the interagency Food and Nutrition Group. In addition ACF and Aberdeen are actively involved in research on special food products for preventing and managing PEM.

It is very unfortunate that an important forum like this is being held without adequate co-ordination with key UN agencies and experts.

Please note both WFP and UNHCR will not attend this forum .

Thank you.


Rita Bhatia and Pieter Dijkuizen

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 23:33:16 +0300

From: "Dr. Gabriel Maritim" <maritimgatusers.africaonline.co.ke>

Subject: Workshop on New approaches for fortification


Dear Rita Bhatia and Pieter Dijkuizen,

Thank you for your email dated Thu, 28 August 1997. I am sorry for the confusion.

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to say much about this forum since I just got to learn about it last week from Steve Hansch. At that time Steve was trying to find Email facilities in Nairobi to send out invitations. I invited him to come to my home and use my Email and that is why you see my name and my email on invitations.

I have given a copy of your reply to Steve and he promised to get in touch. I hope you will be supportive to him because this is a very important project. I see this workshop as a brainstorming meeting and it would be necessary to organize a proper workshop once we have some basic information. In any case, I think Steve will clarify this further.

Rita, I shall send another email in connection with the follow-up activities for the Machakos workshop.

Best wishes,


Gabriel Maritim,

Applied Nutrition Program, University of Nairobi.