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Subject: employers, employees, volenteers and students

Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 21:25:47 +0100 (BST)

From: "Michael H.N. Golden" <m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk>


Fellow ngonuts

I have been approached several times to ask if members could post messages when they need personel to go on missions, have senior job oportunities in their organisiations, have students or volunteers that are willing to pay their own way, etc.

That was not the purpose of setting up the list in the first place, and I have been reticent to say "yes" incase a precedent is set - we all have students etc that need placement and recurring jobs occur in all our organisations. Further, we normally need people who already have experience and an emotional maturity so that word-of-mouth may work better than a broadcast message. Nevertheless...

Therefore, I thought I should canvas the membership of the list - after all it is meant to serve you and improve programs.

Personally, I think that none of us wants to be innundated with adverts for positions coming into our personal letterbox - and that a seperate WWW-web page where those interested could look up as see adverts of those offering or seeking jobs would be much better.

Could you please let me know if you think such messages on our list are a good or a bad idea? Clearly, this sort of thing is needed - should a seperate list be set up for personel exchange? I wonder if the Alertnet web-site, that will be coming on line soon specifically for NGOs will take on this function?

Best wishes,


Prof. Michael H.N.Golden

Subject: pole of members re job adverts

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 13:27:34 +0100 (BST)

From: "Michael H.N. Golden" <m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk>


Fellow ngonutters,


The overwhelming response, by a ratio of approx 8:1, is that the list should NOT be used either to advertise or to seek positions. Thank you very much all who responded to this pole.

I'm sure that all members will respect this decision.

However, several members said that there was a real need for such a service where positions were advertised (not for those seeking positions). The consensus is that a web page would be the best forum. Is anyone interested in running such a service? If/when it becomes available we will let members know.

Best wishes,


Prof. Michael H.N.Golden

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 11:04:55 -0400

From: dalnwickathqfaus01.unicef.org (David Alnwick)

Subject: Re: pole of members re job adverts


A late response from UNICEF Nutrition Section.

We would be interested in both contributing to (ie indicating potential openings - especially short term consultancies) and using such a WWW site - but do not think we could offer to organise it.

David Alnwick, UNICEF New York

Subject: Admin and membership list

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 19:28:53 +0100 (BST)

From: "Michael H.N. Golden" m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk



I am sorry that some "out-of-office" messages are getting through to the general list and some admin messages. Next month I should be installing new list-management software that, I'm told, will prevent this - in the mean time a big sorry for the unnecessary traffic.

As there are few contributions from members whose first language is not English, I am exploring the possibility of setting up a Spanish speaking NGONUT-SP, and cross-referencing to this list.

Here is the current list of those who get the messages that you send:

ALIAS LIST: this is a copy of the alias list I maintain for members of the NGONUT; please ignore the initial code and the groupings which are for internal administrative purposes only. Many members have more than one affiliation which is not clear from this list.


## NGOs

aah-us1 = Fournier; Ann-Sophie,

Action Against Hunger-USA = asophieataah-usa.org

aah-uk1 = Breton; Daniel Puillet,

Action Against Hunger-UK = aahukatgn.apc.org

acf1 = Greletty; Yvonne, Action Contre la Faim-France = grelletyatacf.imaginet.fr

acf2 = Prudhon; Claudine, Action Contre la Faim-France = cpatacf.imaginet.fr acf3 = Leborgne; Philippe,

Action Contre la Faim-France = leborgneatacf.imaginet.fr ach1 = Paul; Philippe, madrid,

Accion Contra el Hambre-Spain = madrid.ppatacf.imaginet.fr agakhan = Tomaro; J.B.,

Aga Khan Foundation = Tomaroatatge.automail.com cisp = Dieci; Paolo, CISP, Italy =

cisp.romaatagora.stm.it concern1 = Burrel; Annalies, Concern, Ireland = concern1atiol.ie concern2 = Collins; Steve, Consultant (Concern/Oxfam etc) = steveatconcern1.demon.co.uk icrc1 = Mourey; Alain, ICRC-Geneva = amoureyaticrc.org

icrc2 = Curdy; Ariane, ICRC-Geneva = acurdyaticrc.org

ffh = vor Der Bruegge; Ellen, Freedom From Hunger, USA = programsatfreefromhunger.org

foodaid1 = Harrigan; Paige, Food Aid Management = pharriganatfoodaid.org merlin1 =

Laurence; Bruce, Merlin-medical director = laurenceatmerlin.org.uk merlin2 = Banatvala;

Nicholas, Merlin-UK = banatvalaatmerlin.org.uk msf-b1 = Dusauchoit; Tine, MSF-Belgium =

Tine_Dusauchoitatbrussels.msf.org msf-b2 = Corbe: Bruno, MSF-Belgium, Director of MSF

Logistics = Bruno-Corbeatmsf-brussels.ccmail.compuserve.com msf-fr = Priem; Veronique,

MSF-France = Veronique_Priematparis.msf.org msf-h1 = Van der Kam; Saskia,

MSF-Holland = sakatamsterdam.msf.org msf-h2 = Depotter; Serge, MSF-Holland =

Serge_Depotteratbrussels.msf.org msf-kenya = Monsef; Elham, Nutritionist with MSF-Kenya

= Lcnatform-net.com oxfam = Young; Helen, Oxfam-UK = hyoungatoxfam.org.uk

path1 = Fitzgerald; Sian, Prog Appropr Technol Health-Canada = pathatsynapse.net path2 =

Hamer; Mervyn, Tech Director, PATH-US = mhameratpath.org path3 = Read; Patricia,

PATH-US, Seattle = preadatpath.org scf = Nathanial; Lola, Save the Children Fund-UK =

l.nathanailatscfuk.org.uk sc1 = Marsh: David, Save the Children-US, HPN/Internat Prog =

dmarshatsavechildren.org sc2 = Landis; Lauren, Save the Children-US =

llandisatSaveChildren.org sc3 = Oot; David, Save The Children, Washington =

DOotatSaveChildren.org sc4 = Cederstrom; Thoric, Save the Children, Washington =

IMCEAMS-WASHDC_WASHDC_tcederstatSaveChildren.org sustain1 = Ranum; Peter,

SUSTAIN - USA = doughmakerataol.com sustain2 = Chome; Francoise, SUSTAIN - USA =

fchomeatsustaintech.org wv1 = Hildebrand; Joan, Worldvision-Canada =

joan_hildebrandatWorldvision.CA wv2 = Huddle; Janet-Marie, Worldvision-Canada =

Janet-Marie_HuddleatWorldvision.CA wv3 = ?; Carrie, Worldvision-Mongolia =


## Hospitals/ Min of Health, Developing countries

sa1 = Levy; Maurice, Ciskai = levyatdhfrere.el.healthlink.org.za vietnam1 = Schuftan;

Claudio, PHC in MOH, Hanoi = hanoi!Avivaatnetnam.org.vnatpostbox.anu.edu.au

## UN & international agencies

accscn1 = Wallace; Jane, ACCSCN-Geneva = wallacejatwho.ch

accscn2 = Needham; Cathy, ACCSCN-editor = cathy.needhamatzoology.oxford.ac.uk dha =

Katona-Apte; Judith, Dept Humanitarian Assistance = katona-apteatun.org fao1 = Egal;

Florence, ESNP-FAO = Florence.Egalatfao.org

fao2 = Herens; Marion, ESNP-FAO = Marion.Herensatfao.org

fao3 = Muehlhoff; Ellen, ESNP-FAO = Ellen.Muehlhoffatfao.org unhcr1 = Bhatia; Rita,

UNHCR-Geneva = bhatiaatunhcr.ch

unhcr2 = Timmer; Arnold, UNHCR-Geneva = Timmeratunhcr.ch

unhcr3 = Upadhyay; Janak, UNHCR-Geneva = Upadhyayatunhcr.ch unhcr4 = Genaille;

Veronique,UNHCR-Great Lakes region = Genailleatunhcr.ch unicef-af1 = Quinn-Williams;

Victoria, UNCEF-Ghana = vquinnatAfricaOnline.Com.gh unicef-ny1 = Alanwick; Dr David,

UNICEF-NY = dalnwickatunicef.org unicef-ny2 = Csete; Joanne, UNICEF-NY =

jcseteathqfaus01.unicef.org unicef-as1 = Shrimpton; Roger, UNICEF-Indonesia =

shrimptoatrad.net.id unicef-as2 = Yip; Ray, UNICEF-indonesia = ryip2atrad.net.id unu =

Scrimshaw; Nevin, UN University = scrimshawatinf.unu.edu wb1 = Bundy; Donald,

Worldbank = dbundyatworldbank.org

wb2 = McGuire; Judith, Worldbank-Nutrition = jmcguireatworldbank.org wb3 = Heywood;

Peter F., Worldbank = Pheywoodatworldbank.org wb4 = Seifman; Richard, Worldbank =

rseifmanatworldbank.org wb5 = Rokx; Claudia, Worldbank = Crokxatworldbank.org

who1 = Weise-Prinzo; Zita, WHO-Geneva, Nutr Div = weiseprinzozatwho.ch who2 =

Benbouzid; Djamil, WHO-Geneva, Nutr Div = benbouziddatwho.ch who-eu = Robertson;

Aileen, WHO-Europe = AROatwho.dk

wfp1 = Dijhuizen; Pieter, World Food Prog-Rome = Pieter.Dijkhuizenatwfp.org wfp2 =

Callanan; Anne, World Food Prog-Rome = Callananatwfp.org

## Donor and Government agencies & Institutions

cdc1 = Brent; Burkholder,, CDC = btb0atcdc.gov

cdc2 = Eric; Noji, CDC = exn1atcdc.gov

idrc1 = Mannar; Venkatesh, IDRC, Micronutrient Initiative = VMannaratidrc.ca idrc2 = Lofti;

Mahshid, IDRC, Micronutrient Iniative = MLotfiatidrc.ca dfid1 = Kelly; Marion =


nri1 = Gudrups; Irene, Nat Resources Inst = Irene.Gudrupsatnri.org rpg = Hansch; Steven,

Refugee Policy Group, Washington = shatintr.net usaid1 = Davidson; Frances, USAID =


usaid2 = Nestel; Penny, USAID & Johns Hopkins Univ, USA = penny_nestelatjsi.com usaid3

= Coates; Ellen, USAID = ecoatesatusaid.gov

usaid4 = Quick; Timothy C., USAID = tquickatusaid.gov

usda = Smith; J.Cecil, USDA, Washington = smithat307.bhnrc.usda.gov usds = Conner; Lisa,

Bureau Population, Refugees & Migration, Dept of State = conner1aterols.com

## Nutrition Programs

basics = Burkhalter; Bart, Basics-project USA = BBurkhalatbasics.org dhsp = Haggerty;

Patrica, Demograph Health Survey Progr, Macro Internat Inc. = haggertyatmacroint.com

iccidd = Dunn; John T, Int Council Control IDD & Univ Virginia =

jtdatavery.med.virginia.edu impact1 = Cogill; Bruce, IMPACT-project = bcogillatistiinc.com

impact2 = Swindale; Anne, Food Secur & Nut Monitor proj-IMPACT =


## Academic/Research developing countries

cfni = Henry; Fitzroy, CFNI, Jamaica = fhenryatuwimona.edu.jm cesni1 = Carmuega;

Esteban, CESNI, Argentina = cesniatdatamar.com.ar cesni2 = O'Donnell; Alejandro, CESNI,

Argentina = cesniatdatamar.com.ar dakar1 = Wade; Salimata, Univ Cheikh, Senegal =

enutsaliatucad.refer.sn iddrcb = Fuchs; George, IDDRC-Bangladesh = gfuchsatcitechco.net

kemri1 = Crawley; Jane, KEMRI/Wellcome Unit, Kilifi-Kenya = kemriklfatarcc.or.ke Kemri2

= Marsh; Kevin, KEMRI/Wellcome Unit, Kilifi-Kenya = kmarshatarcc.or.ke ccmrc = Picou;

David, CCMRC-Trinidad = ccmrc.ttattrinidad.net sa-ich = Sive; Alan A., Inst Child Health,

Univ of Cape Town-RSA = asiveatich.uct.ac.za incap = Torun; Benjamin, INCAP,

Guatamala = btorunatnsem.incap.org.gt iin1 = Lopez de Romana; Guillermo, Instituto de

Investigacion Nutricional = glderomanaatiin.sld.pe iin2 = Creed; Hilary, Instituto de

Investigacion Nutricional = hcreedatiin.sld.pe iin3 = Penny; Mary, Instituto de Investigacion

Nutricional = mpennyatiin.sld.pe iin4 = Zavaleta; Nelly, Instituto de Investigacion Nutricional

= nzavaletatiin.sld.pe iin5 = Lembcke; Jorge, Instituto de Investigacion Nutricional =

jlembckeatiin.sld.pe iin6 = Morales; Enrique, Instituto de Investigacion Nutricional =

postmasteratiin.sld.pe iin7 = Jacoby; Enrique, Instituto de Investigacion Nutricional =

postmasteratiin.sld.pe inta = Uauy; Ricardo, INTA-Univ Chile = uauyatabello.dic.uchile.cl

mahidol1 = Udomkesmalee; Emorn, Nutr Unit, Mahidol Univ, Thailand =

numdkatmahidol.ac.th mahidol2 = Suthutvoravut; Umaporn, Paediatrics, U Mahidol =

ramstatmahidol.ac.th uwi = Ramdath; Dan, Univ West Indies, Trinidad =


## Academic/Research capitalised countries

au-mbc = Toole; Mike, Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research =

tooleatmbcmr.unimelb.edu.au au-curt = Ulijaszek; Stanley, Pub Health, Curtin Univ,

Australia = Ulijaszekathealth.curtin.edu.au au-dar = Brewster; David, Paediatrics, Royal

Darwin Hospital = David.BrewsteratCASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au be1 = Kolsteren; Patrick,

Nutr Unit, Prince Leopold Inst Trop Med-Antwerp = pkolsterenatitg.be be2 = Laleman;

Geert, Inst Trop Med-Antwerp = glalemanatitg.be be3 = Hildrebrand: Katherine, Inst Trop

Med-Antwerp = Khildatitg.be ca-mcg1 = Berti; Peter, Centre for Indigen peoples nutrition

= bertiatagradm.lan.McGill.ca ca-mcg2 = Receveur; Olivier, Nutrition-McGill =

Receveuratagradm.Lan.McGill.ca de1 = Michelsen; Dr Kim F, Human Nutr, Agric Univ. =

kfmatkvl.dk de2 = Friis; Henrik, Human Nutr, Agric Univ = HFatBilharziasis.dk de3 =

Moelgaard; Christian, Human Nutr, Argic Univ, Denmark = Christian.Moelgaardatfhe.kvl.dk

fr1 = Briend; Andre', Orstom = briendatext.jussieu.fr

fr2 = Lemmonier; Daniel, INSERM = daniel.roses.normatwanadoo.fr ge1 = Webb; Patric,

Univ of Hohenheim = pwebbatUni-Hohenheim.DE ir1 = O'Reilly; Fiona, Trin Col Dublin =


it1 = Branca; Francesco, Nat Nutr Inst, Italy = F.Brancaatagora.stm.it nl1 = Klaver; Wijnand,

Agriculture = W.Klaveratiac.agro.nl nl2 = van Leishout; Machteld, Wageningen, Human

Nutr. = Machteld.vanLieshoutatet1.voed.wau.nl nl3 = West; Clive, Wageningen - Human

Nutrition = Clive.Westatet3.voed.wau.nl no1 = Strand; Tor, norway = torstratsn.no

no2 = Sorensen; Eigil = eigilsatpowertech.no

nz1 = Gibson; Rosalind S., Nutrition, U of Otago = rosalind.gibsonatstonebow.otago.ac.nz

sp1 = Torres; Alberto, Madrid, Sch Pub Health = atorresatisciii.es sw-up1 = Hambraeus;

Leif, Univ Uppsala = Leif.Hambraeusatnutrition.uu.se sw-up2 = Karlton; Linley, Human

Nutr, Uppsala = linley.karltunatnutrition.uu.se sw-up3 = Tylleskar; Thorkild, Univ Uppsala =

Thorkild.Tylleskaratich.uu.se sw-up4 = Peterson; Stefan, Int Child Health, Uppsala =

Stefan.Petersonatich.uu.se sw-st1 = Rosling; Hans, Stockholm = Hans.Roslingatphs.ki.se

uk-ab1 = Golden; Barbara, Univ A'deen, Child Health = chl037atabdn.ac.uk uk-ab2 =

Golden; Michael, Univ A'deen, Medicine = m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk uk-ab3 = Graham; Wendy,

Univ A'deen, O&G = w.j.grahamatabdn.ac.uk uk-ab4 = Mills; Colin, RRI-HENSA =


uk-ab5 = HANSA; Rowett Research Inst, Aberdeen = hansaatrri.sari.ac.uk uk-ich1 = Seal;

Andy, Research Fellow, Inst Child Health, London = A.Sealatich.ucl.ac.uk uk-ich2 =

Tomkins; Andrew, Inst Child Health, London = A.Tomkinsatich.ucl.ac.uk uk-ich3 = Watson;

Fiona, Inst Child Health, London = F.Watsonatich.ucl.ac.uk uk-ich4 = Morley; Ruth, Inst

Child Health, London = R.Morleyatich.ucl.ac.uk uk-kings = Ball; Colin, Paed HIV, King's

College Hosp, London = LLABNILOCataol.com uk-lshtm1 = Shoham; Jeremy, LSHTM =

jshohamateasynet.co.uk uk-lshtm2 = Shetty; Prakash, Dept Nutr, LSHTM =

prakash.shettyatlshtm.ac.uk uk-ox1 = Henry; C.Jeya, Univ Oxford-Brooks =

cjkhenryatbrookes.ac.uk uk-ox2 = Sullivan; Peter, Univ Oxford =

peter.sullivanatpaediatrics.oxford.ac.uk uk-ox3 = Oppenheimer; Stephen, Wellcome-Oxford

= stephen.oppenheimeratpaediatrics.oxford.ac.uk uk-ox4 = Hall; Andrew, Coord, Partnership

for Child Development = andrew.hallatzoology.oxford.ac.uk uk-york = Carr-Hill; Roy A,

Univ York = irss23atyork.ac.uk us-em1 = Schroeder; Dirk G., S. Pub Health, Emory U =

dschr02atsph.emory.edu us-jh = Gittelsohn; Joel, S.Pub.Health, Johns-Hopkins =

JGittelatphnet.sph.jhu.edu us-tuf = Rogers; Beatrice L., Tufts Unversity =

BRogersatinfonet.tufts.edu us-uc1 = Allen; Lindsay H., Univ Calif = lhallenatucdavis.edu

us-uc2 = Reed; Barbara, AOL = Reedbarbataol.com

us-uc3 = Lung'aho; Mary S, Univ California = Mlungahoataol.com

## Nutrition Consultants

free-c1 = Jaspars; Susanne, freelance consultant in emergencies = SJasparsatcompuserve.com

fao-c1 = Tuffrey; Veronica, ESNP-FAO = Veronica.Tuffreyatfao.org

## Product suppliers

compact1 = Mikkelsen; Carl, Compact, Denmark = cbmikatinet.uni-c.dk nutriset1 =

Lescanne; Michel, Nutriset, France = 100645.3272atcompuserve.com

## Students

std-ugelph = Macdonald; Carolyn, PhD Student = cmacdonaatuoguelph.ca std-lshtm1 =

Khara; Tanya, student = tanya.kharaatlshtm.ac.uk std-lshtm2 = Sadler; Katy, MSc student

LSHTM = katy.sadleratlshtm.ac.uk std-tul = Harris; Tammie Jo, PhD student, Tulane =


Best wishes,


Prof. Michael H.N.Golden

Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 16:38:54 +0000

From: Michael Golden <m.goldenatabdn.ac.uk>

Subject: message length and attachments


Fellow NGONUTs

Many of those in the third world are on commercial networks that charge for each item that is received and by the size of each item. Also, some have mailers that do not easily decode attachments.

Text that is cut and pasted into the body of a message is very much shorter, much more easily read by all recipients and cannot carry virus. This should be the preferred way to transmit messages unless the formatting is important (tables etc).

If a message is very large then perhaps the membership can be circulated with a summary and the full document be made available to those who want it specifically by personal EMail.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Prof. Michael H.N.Golden