Pre-cooked split peas
pre-cooked split-peas Arnold Timmer 25.09.97
Precooked Split Peas (PSP) for emergency food aid Eric Rennies 25.09.97

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 12:39:23 +0200

From: Arnold Timmer <>

Subject: pre-cooked split-peas


Dear NGO-nuts,

A Danish company recently visited us in UNHCR to brief about pre-cooked split-peas. We thought it would be of interest to you to know the existence of this product and the (dis-)advantages. I don't want to promote the company, but believe that positive developments should be shared with those interested/concerned. Information stated here is derived from this company only. I don't know about other companies producing a similar product or about your experiences with this product.

The idea of pre-cooked split peas came only when the company came to know about the problem of scarcity of cooking fuel in relief operations. They started to do some tests and developed a pre-cooked product.

It is an example of how better information sharing could serve product innovations of better quality/performance.

The product has been used in Sudan, India, Yemen, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.


-the process of pre-cooking led to a decrease in cooking time to 30 minutes -soaking is not required, which therefore has a positive effect on retention of micronutrients

-price is 340 USD/MT and is about 1 % more expensive than the untreated variant.

-introduction of the product should be accompanied with a information campaign to inform users on the shorter cooking time, without soaking

-composition (per 100 g): 1466 kJ/100, 24 g protein, 1 g fat, 2.5 RE vitA, 0.82 vit B1 (1.0 in groundnuts), 0.18 B2, 2.5 mg niacin.

We have sent some samples to 3 locations in the field to let our nutritionists evaluate how the beneficiaries perceive the product. We are awaiting a report with the findings.

If you are interested I have here the address of the manufacturer of pre-cooked split peas:

Thomas Eskildsen
PO Box 84
DK5250 Odense SV
tel: +45-66171626
mobil: +45-30-693368

best regards,


Arnold Timmer, PTSS Nutritionist

UNHCR Geneva, tel:+41-22-7397681, fax:+41-22-7397366

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 14:49:13 +0100

From: Eric Rennies <> Organization: Danaert

Subject: Precooked Split Peas (PSP) for emergency food aid


" As long as there were bushes within sight, no one ever asked where starving refugees would get the three tons of firewood needed to cook each ton of wheat and beans supplied by humanitarian agencies. It takes three to four hours to cook beans if you don't soak them in water for a whole night, said UNHCR nutritionist Rita Bathia. Refugees don't have enough water to do this. Lack of water forces them to gather more fuel woods."

source :


Dear nutritionists,

I refer to Mr. Timmer's message of 25 September 1997 regarding pre-cooked split peas and would like to introduce myself :

Further to a 2 years working experience within ECHO, I have taken a position as an International Consultant for a company, which is producing pre-cooked split peas.

Although I did not have a nutritional background, I understood clearly the many advantages of using this cheap source of proteins ( 300 ECU/MT at FOB stage), in regions particularly affected by the lack of water and firewoods.

I would like to point out that the principal objective of my work, is not to promote a company in particular, but to fill the unawareness and increase the demand for a food aid product which deserves to be known, in the interest of the decision-makers and the recipients.

The WFP, the ICRC, the EC (DG VIII & ECHO) have already used succesfully PSP in the following countries : Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Morocco, Panama, Paraguay, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Uganda, Yemen, North Korea, Croatia, Afghanistan and Georgia.

Finally, as soon as there will be an opportunity to use PSP in one of your food aid programmes, I would be pleased to proceed with sampling (free of charge and without any obligations), in order to check the acceptance of the product by the recipients.

Kind regards to all of you and in particular to those I have already had the pleasure to meet.

Additional information and samples can be obtained to :

rue de la Science, 23-25
bte 12
B-1040 Brussels
Tel. : +32.2-230 27 05
Fax : +32.2-230 01 43