New drought monitoring and crop yield forecasting web site


In the western Sahel the growth season started unfavourably. But in the Horn of Africa the situation improved. Please see the information at our new drought monitoring and early warning web site .

This site will be operational from now on. Up to date maps of the crop growth situation in Africa and Europe will be published. At this moment the situation in the Sahel and East Africa is show. Europe+N.Africa and the Southern Africa region follow before the end of this month. Around the 3rd of June you may expect the first update.

The monitoring and early warning products are derived from METEOSAT with our energy and water balance processing system. This system generates maps of radiation, actual evapotranspiration and rainfall. This information is then fed into a crop growth module which generates a yield forecast. Contrary to many other satellite based sources of information, our products are quantitative and can be used directly to estimate crop yield reduction due to drought. Crop yield forecasts are given already 60-80 days after the start of the growing season.

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