Nutrition in Emergencies

1-3 November 2000
18-20 May 2001
5-7 November 2001

A three-day course run by International Health Exchange



Nutrition in Emergencies

In emergency situations, aid workers are frequently required to respond to the nutritional needs of populations. This course provides aid workers with the technical knowledge and contextual information necessary to deliver nutritional support services to those affected by humanitarian emergencies.  

Course Topics

        Social and political factors affecting food security

        Types of malnutrition

        Causes of malnutrition

        Anthropometric surveys and measurement techniques

        Response strategies :

o       General ration distribution

o       Supplementary Feeding

o       Therapeutic feeding

o       Food security interventions

Who is the course for?

This three-day course is aimed at both experienced aid workers and those who are interested in working overseas.

Course Format

The course combines individual presentations from experienced international aid workers.

The methodology uses a variety of participatory training methods such as case studies, simulation exercises, problem-solving activities and group discussions,  along with formal presentations.

Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to share ideas and discuss issues arising from their own experiences through group discussion and presentations.

Venue:   Southwell House, London

Dates:    1-3 Nov  2000 (Residential)

18-20 May 2001 (Residential)

5-7 Nov 2001 (Residential)

Fees:      225 Individuals / 275 Organizations (Res)

175 Individuals 225 Organizations (Non-res)

The fees include meals, course materials and tuition fees.


International Health Exchange
134 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7AE
Tel. 0207 620 3333 / Fax. 0207 620 2277

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The International Health Exchange (IHE) provides training, recruitment and information services to individuals and organisations working in international health and humanitarian aid.


Merlin is Britain’s specialist agency for medical relief overseas, providing medical care in disasters and public health emergencies world wide.


NutritionWorks is a partnership of independent nutritionists whose goal is to contribute to nutrition improvement among disadvantaged populations through increasing the effectiveness of public nutrition policies and programmes.

International Health Exchange,
134 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AE
el: 0171 620 3333  Fax: 0171 620 2277