ACC/SCN NGO/PVO/Civil Society Meeting
during parallel sessions of the UN Agencies, Bilateral Government Agencies and Civil Society (NGOs)

SCN 28th Session

11:30-12:00 & 13:00-17:00

Monday 2nd April, 2001

Hosted by the World Food Programme

Stanley Hotel

Nairobi, Kenya

2-6 April, 2001

Coordinators: Dr. Ian Darnton-Hill (HKI Division of Helen Keller Worldwide)

Professor Ruth Oniang'o (University of Kenya)

Dr. Barbara Underwood (IUNS)

  1. Election of chairperson, rapporteurs

  2. Outcomes

  3. Report on activities since last meeting

  4. Representation on Steering Committee

  5. Improving representation

  6. Improving communication

  7. Continuing discussion of role of NGOs/PVOs/Civil Society in ACC/SCN

  8. Increasing involvement of developing country colleagues

  9. Activities during coming year

  10. Developing report to Plenary (Friday 11:00-13:00)

  11. Next steps

  12. Any other business