Dear Colleague,

As recent events have once again tragically reminded us, no part of the world is immune from the destructive forces of nature. During 1999 alone strong earthquakes shook parts of Turkey, Greece and Taiwan causing much destruction and human casualties. Powerful ground tremors occurred also in the U.S. and Mexico, but these were luckily not in inhabited areas, and did not cause devastation. Other countries in the world were subjected to floods, hurricanes, fires, avalanches, and other forms of natural occurrences that continued to threaten life and property across the globe. We cannot prevent these forces of nature from occurring, and prediction is still in an imperfect state for most of them. It is the duty of every nation to pool its resources to develop and put into action new ways of disaster mitigation, early response, and effective reaction.

This goal is what has prompted the GDINs conceptualization. Following two earlier conferences that were held in Washington D.C. during July 1998 and in Mexico City, Mexico during May 1999, the next meeting is planned for April 2000 in Ankara, Turkey. This conference will be also devoted to discussing how an Internet based and easily accessible information system can be created, funded and maintained globally for the benefit of all members of the family of nations. GDIN has now reached a state of maturity, and final adjustment must be made for the system to become operational. The next GDIN meeting in the coming millennium will witness the drafting of a Charter that will then be formally adopted by the respective governments.

On this occasion the Government of Turkey through the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in cooperation with Middle East Technical University (METU) is pleased to invite you to attend this important conference. It will be held at the Cultural and Convention Center of METU during 26-28 April 2000 in Ankara. On April 29, 2000 there will be a tour of the Disaster Region affected by two major earthquakes in last year. To indicate your planned attendance, please fill in the APPLICATION FORM, and send it by fax to the official travel agency at your earliest, but not later than March 2000. If you require a personalized letter of invitation please notify us.

With best regards,


Polat Glkan, Director of Disaster Management Implementation and Research Center, METU

Rhan Yilmaz, General Director of General Directorate of Disaster Affairs, Ministry of PWS

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