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in international disaster/emergency management

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  • Disaster Management Diploma Program (DMDP)


All courses are available in English and some in Spanish.

The self-study courses currently available are:

Standard paper copy courses

Training Modules and Trainer's
Guides Currently Available
English Spanish French
Overview of Disaster Management
Disaster Preparedness
Disasters and Development
Disaster Assessment
Disaster Mitigation
Displaced Persons in Civil Conflict
Drought and Famine
Introduction to Hazards
Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Disaster Economics
Disasters and the Environment
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction    
Humanitarian Principles and Operational Dilemmas in War Zones
International Law in Disasters and Armed Conflicts    
Resettlement of Displaced Populations    
Disaster Management Ethics    
Emergency Information Management and Communications    
News Media and Humanitarian Action    
Coordination Among International Organizations in Complex Emergencies    

Training Guidelines

Guidelines for Trainers Leading Disaster Management Workshops  
Guide to Developing Training Strategies and Programmes    

Simulation Exercises

Disaster response    
Mitigation planning    
Complex emergencies    


Disaster Mitigation
Complex Emergencies    

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In-house training workshops


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