Sixth Advanced Summer Course

on Public Health and Humanitarian Aid


10-28th July 2000

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CRED is organising its Sixth Advanced Summer Course on Public Health and Humanitarian Aid at the end of July 2000 (10-28th), in Brussels (Belgium).

This is a specialised course of two weeks, plus an additional week for an optional informatics course on softwares frequently used in crises situations (eg Epi Info and SUMA softwares).

The faculty for this course is drawn from prestigious institutions from developed and developing countries and covers both specific public health and nutrition issues (including reproductive and mental health topics) as well as cross cutting themes, such as media, environment and geography.

The course fees which include all documentation, softwares, professor fees, but not the travel and lodging, are 1500$ for two weeks main course and 500$ for the computer application module. An estimate of expected lodging and food in Brussels can be provided on request.

We hope to have some fellowships for participants from developping countries (information on which will be available soon).

If you are interested I will be happy to send you more promotional material with greater details on this course that I will be send you as soon as they are ready.

Meanwhile, information on our Centre as well as an EM-DAT International Disaster Database (maps, statistics etc) are available on the site address below or through the home page of Reliefweb (UN-OCHA).

In any case, I am at your disposal for any further information at this email.

Many thanks.

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Caroline Michellier
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