United Nations

High Commissioner

For Refugees


World Food


Date: 16 February 1999


To: All UNHCR Directors and Heads of Desks/Chiefs of Sections in Headquarters;

All UNHCR Representatives/Chiefs of Missions in the Field;

All WFP Division Directors, Regional Directors and Regional Managers;

All WFP Country Directors.


From: Amelia Bonifacio, Director, Division of Operational Support, UNHCR

Manuel Aranda da Silva, Chief, Technical Support Service, ODT, WFP


Joint WFP/UNHCR Guidelines for Selective

Feeding Programmes in Emergencies


1. We are pleased to share with you the attached Guidelines on Selective Feeding Programmes in Emergencies, which have been jointly formulated by the Nutritionists of the technical units in UNHCR and WFP Headquarters .

2. The purpose of these Guidelines is to provide guidance to UNHCR and WFP staff in the management of selective feeding programmes.

3. You are kindly requested to share these Guidelines with implementing partners at the field level.

4. If you have any queries regarding these Guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the Nutritionists in the technical units of WFP and UNHCR.

5. These guidelines are being translated in French.


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

World Food Programme