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This page lists some offers which are available from indivuduals, companies or organizations. These proposals were forwarded to PDEDA as they don't correspond presently to any appeal from organizations or NGOs.

1. Individuals, companies or organizations interested to offer products or services should send us ( or Fax: (33), attn. D. Bounie) a detailed description of their offer (a blank form - in Word format - may be downloaded by clicking here with the right button of your mouse).
2. Organizations interested to benefit from these offers may contact directly the supplier for furher agreement


Description of available product or service Delay of supply Date



Other donations

Monetary donations

In-kind technical services or commodities

  • Volunteers in Technical Assistance's (VITA) Disaster Information Center, tel : (1-703) 276-1914


Available relief products and services

Website for offers and procurement of aid supplies
ReliefGuide - online gateway to global aid :
Aid Market Space:
AlertNet: International register of aid suppliers specialising in disaster relief

Company Description of available product/service Date
Cape Atlantic Blankets, Buckets, Hoes, Kitchen sets, Machetes, Maize meal, Nutritional soap/gravey powders, Office equipment & consumables, Plastic sheet, Pumps, Seeds, Soap 19.07.2000
Horn Equatorial Ltd Relief supplies + procurement, export documentation, logistical service (air freight and sea freight) and clearing and forwarding upto the end destination 12.06.2000
Jammet Diététique Nouvelle S.A. Therapeutic milk, weaning cereals, baby milk substitut 28.06.2000
Military & Army Stores South Africa Tents 14.06.2000
SGI International (Pvt) Limited Tents 16.07.2001
Universal Trading Corp. Tents and various other relief items 28.10.2000
Wanhar Fabrics Pvt. Ltd Tents, blankets, rice 14.06.2000

see also : OCHA Central Register : list of relief items and stock pile holders around the world