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Organizations' field activities : NGOs localisation and activities

This page identifies and presents the different skills and competences which are presently at work for the management of the Horn of Africa crisis.

Organizations (intl. and NGOs) are invited to contribute to update the following directory by sending to PFEDA ( or Fax: (33), attn. D. Bounie) a detailed presentation of their on-going activities (a blank form - in Word format - may be downloaded by clicking here with the right button of your mouse).


UN Task forces Ethiopian task forces or special committees NGOs localisation and activities
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Other UN working groups Other in Horn of Africa


Organization Location Other ...
AAH + ACF - Ethiopia : Warder and Korahai Zones of the Ogaden region (SNRS), Kebri Dehar (1 TFC), SFC in Geladid, Dalat, Dawahale, and Jilahle, Doboweyn and Shilabo ; Dubti (Afar region)
- Kenya : Al Wak sub-district (Mandera), Moyale
- Somalia : Mogadishu, Luuq (Gedo region)
- Sudan: Khartoum, Wau (Bahr Al Ghazal) and Juba, Eastern and Bahr el Jebel estates
x x x x            
AAH (Aktion Africa Hilfe) Sudan : Yei, Mundri and Marid (Western Equatoria)   x                
ACK Kenya: Marsabit, Mbeere, West Pokot   x x         x    
ACO Ethiopia : Dagahbur, Jijiga, Shinile and
Warder Zones (Somali National Regional State)
x x x x
Acord - Eritrea : Zoba Debub
- Somalia : Lower Shabelle
- Sudan : Port Sudan and Kassala, Red Sea Hills and Juba , Khartoum, Eastern and Bahr el Jebel estates
              x   micro-credit/finance, multi-sectoral emergency programme
Across Sudan: Rumbek county, Bahr Al Ghazal and South Bor county in Jonglei; Upper Nile   x   x       x    
ACT - Ethiopia (through JRP) : Amhara (North & South Gondar, with EOC), Oromia (Bale, Borena, with EECMY, LWF, CA), Somali (with EECMY), SNNPR (South Omo, with EECMY), Tigray (with ECS/CRS)
- Somalia : Mogadishu and the Shabelle regions; Gedo region (Gabraharrey, Burdhubo and Luuq)
- Kenya : Turkana and Mount Kenya East, Kakuma Camp
  x x x       x x  
ActionAid - Ethiopia : Hawzien and Alaje (Tigray region), Koysha (North Omo region)
- Kenya: Tharaka, Isiolo
  x x x       x    
ADC Kenya: Tana River               x    
ADRA - Eritrea : Gash Barka camp
- Ethiopia : eastern Shewa zone + (latter) Borena zone
- northern Kenya : Turkana, Kitui district
- Somalia : Hiran, Bakool, Galgadud and Puntland
- Sudan : Kassala, Laffa camp, Khartoum State, Northern States (displaced Nomads) ; Yambio County, Western Equatoria; Twic County, Bahr El Ghazal; and Luakpiny County, Upper Nile.
- Uganda : Karamoja
  x x x       x x  
AfD Ethiopia : North Omo-SNNPR (Boloso Sore, Boreda Abaya, Damot Gale, Goffa and Offa), Borena (Oromia)   x   x       x    
Africare - Eritrea : Northern and Southern Red Sea, Anseba, Debub, Gash-Barka
- Ethiopia : south-east and south-west
x   x         x x  
AFSC Somalia : Lower Shabelle   x x x       x    
AIC Kenya: Marsabit   x                
ALDEF Kenya: Wajir               x    
AMREF - Kenya : Makueni district; Kitui, Laikipia, Kajiado, Tharaaka, Turkuna districts
- Sudan : Maridi (Western Equatoria)
  x x x       x x  
ANS Kenya: Garissa   x                
APDA Ethiopia : Assaita (Afar region)   x   x       x x + Afar women's needs conference (June)
APS Eritrea                    
ARC - Ethiopia : Gode & South Wollo, Amhara
- Sudan : Bamurye, Kerewa, and Mangalatore IDPs camps; Kangapo and Livolo Payams (Kajo Keji County)
CAA Ethiopia: Ethiopia/Eritrea border region; Tigray, Oromia and Afar regions   x x x         x food for work programs
CARE - Eritrea : refugee camps in South Kasala, Northern Red Sea, Debub, Gash Barka, Maekal,
- Ethiopia :Borana Zone (Dire Woreda); East and West Hararghe (Asbe Teferi) ; Shinile and Jijiga ; Gondor
- Kenya : Garissa (Modogashe and Mbalabala ), Ijara
- Sudan :
North Kordofan, West Kordofan, Khartoum, South Kordofan, Wau and Unity State ; counties of Tambura (Western Equatoria), Bor (Jonglei) and Wau (Bahr Al Ghazal) ; Nuba Mountains
  x x x   x   x   grain-for-cattle program , small business development and urban poverty projects, Employment Generating Schemes (EGS) ; micro-credit ; social protection
Caritas - Kenya: Laikipia   x x x            
CCF - Ethiopia : Shashemene, Fantale, Bosona Worena, Boset and Silti districts
- Kenya : Tharaka
  x x x       x x community based child survival and development programs
CCM - Ethiopia : Kelafo, on the Shabelle
- Sudan : Adior, Billing, Rumbek and Yirol in the Lakes area.
  x           x    
CESVI Eritrea                    
CEC Kenya: Marasabit               x    
Childreach Ethiopia : Bugna Woreda     x              
Christian Aid - Ethiopia : Gode, Danan (with OWS), Tigray (with REST)
- Kenya : West Pokot (with
ACK), south Turkana (with NCCK)


CISP Ethiopia : Hararghe region (Harar: Babile, Fedis, Goro Gutu, Gursum, and Kersa weredas) ; Tigray     x x       x   + distribution of non-food items
CIST Eritrea                    
CMA Sudan : Upper Nile   x x              
Committee for Solidarity and Support of Eritrean Children at IDP Camps Eritrea                    
Community Aid Abroad Ethiopia : Somali, Oromiya and Amhara regions; Gode, Shinille and Jijiga    



Concern - Ethiopia : South Wollo, nutrition asistance in North Omo
- Eritrea : Mensura camp, Asmara
COOPI - Ethiopia
- Kenya:
      x       x    
COSV - Eritrea : Barentu
- Sudan : Western Upper Nile
  x   x            
CPE Eritrea                    
CRDA Ethiopia : Gewane (Afar region)                    
CRE Ethiopia : South of Wollo, Godjam This, Gode (Imi, Gode, Denan, Afder and Adaadle), Borena (Shakiso )     x x       x    
CRI Kenya : Masongaleni and Nthongoni (Kibwezi Division of Makueni District)     x              
CRIC Eritrea                    
CRS - Eritrea : IDPs
- Ethiopia : Tigray, Amhara and Oromiya regions (Borana, Shinile and Jijiga), North Wollo, North Gondar and East Hararge
- Kenya : Garissa ; Tana River
- Sudan : east bank of the Nile River (Eastern Equatoria), west bank of the Nile (Eastern and Western Equatoria),.Lakes State of Bahr Al Ghazal
x x x x       x   supply of food ; local partners (JRP) : distribution
CVG Eritrea   x   x            
Organization Location Other ...

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