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Horn of Africa :
an on-going humanitarian crisis

A major humanitarian crisis is looming in the Horn of Africa: severe drought in Ethiopia and in neighbouring countries (view WFP maps of drought affected areas : Horn of Africa, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya), Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict with its flow of refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), floods in Somalia, ... As stated by the last UN appeal, more than 13 millions persones are now at risk. All energies must be mobilized as soon as possible. Field interventions have to be forecasted, coordinated and given an effective and clear support from now on. In this respect, Internet offers new and unchallenged opportunities of reactivity and interactivity.

We propose to call on PFEDA's services for this purpose. On these "Horn of Africa on-line" pages, you will find different services to which we invite you to participate :

1. The Information page presents general facts and figures about Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (see : General resources and News on-line). Implementing partners (local and overseas) are listed, with their detailed address (see : Who's who) and actvities (see : Organizations' field activities).

2. Products and services Exchange. On the "Needs" page, you can track the current needs and the corresponding response of donors (supplied products and services are listed on the "Response" page). You may identify thus the gaps and the supplementary efforts which are still to be supported. On the "Offers" page, we try to put field workers in direct touch with individuals, companies or organizations offering available skills or goods.

3. The "Field news" page presents reports as they were forwarded to PFEDA by implementing organizations.

All theses pages are still under construction. We absolutely need your collaboration in order to update and share these information. Please, send us any relevant information :
----- either by email at :
----- or by Fax at : (33), attention Mr. Dominique Bounie