Who are we ?

This project has been implemented by Dominique Bounie, lecturer and researcher in food process engineering at IAAL (Agricultural and Food Institute of Lille - University of Lille).

In addition to it, we are also developing low-cost food technologies, such as
extrusion-cooking (you may also load this file in pdf format ; it will be read with Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded free of charge at : http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html), and their utilization in emergency situations and/or in development projects.

I want to warmly thank the following persons who helped me for this project :
- Michel Krzesaj, development engineer at the USTL Center of Computer Resources,
- Stéphane Chachulski and Sebastian Barre, students at the IUT Department of Informatics, at USTL.

I am also grateful to Mike Golden for his enthusiasm, to Jean Marie Nys for his kind and irreplaceable technical support and to my family for their loving support and patience.

We need your support to go ahead. You may contact us at the following address :
Dominique Bounie
IAAL, Boulevard Langevin, Campus universitaire USTL
59665 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - France
Tel: (33) ; Fax: (33)
dominique.bounieatuniv-lille1.fr (personal)
pfedaatuniv-lille1.fr (PFEDA project's Email)