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Newsletters and Journals (paper or email)

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Catalogue of Low-Cost Newsletters and Journals for Nutritionists Nutrition Society
Corections or updates : Ann Burgess (
Cultural Suvival (quarterly magazine) Cultural Suvival
"Disasters" (technical journal) Basil Blackwell Pub, UK
"ECHO News" (Newsletter) ECHO
"Field Exchange" (Newsletter) ENN
"Forced Migration Review" (3 times a year) Oxford's Refugee Studies Programme in concert with the Norwegian Refugee Council's Global IDP Survey
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IFRC Weekly disaster news by email IFRC, free
IFRC quarterly journal IFRC,  
"Journal of Refugee Studies" (quarterly journal) Oxford Univ. Press, to order
"Le Courrier ACP-UE" (Newsletter) European Commission - DG8
"Monday Developments" (bi-weekly newsletter) Interaction (the consortium of American NGOs)
"Refugee" (canadian periodical) York Univ's Centre for Refugee Studies
"Refugee Nutrition Information System" (RNIS) (Newsletter) ACC-SCN
"Refugees" (magazine) UNHCR
Revue de Presse de la Commission Européenne, DG8 (Newsletter) European Commission - DG8
"SCN News" (Newsletter) ACC-SCN
"SPORE" (Newsletter) CTA
"The International Review of the Red Cross" (quarterly journal) ICRC
The New Internationalist (journal)  

Various printed studies

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ACC-SCN Country Case Studies (Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Thailand, Zimbabwe) ACC-SCN
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ACC/SCN Nutrition Policy Papers State-of-the-Art Series (SOA) (list) ACC-SCN
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"Biodiversity conservation during and after emergencie"  
Chartbooks and country nutrition reports on over 70 sub-Saharan African countries DHS (Demographic and Health Survey), Macro International
FAO Nutritional Country Profiles (list) FAO, free
"Untapped Potential: Adolescents Affected by Armed Conflict, A Review of Programs & Policies" Jane Lowicki (2000, NY: Women's Commission for Refugee Women & Children)