Puce Help on downloading

To download a file, just click on the corresponding icon or hypertext link. You will be requested to give the name of the directory on your PC's hard disk where you want to download the file. These files are self extracting Zip (compressed) files : once downloaded, they will automatically decompress just by clicking on them from your file manager.

Puce Content of the downloaded files

For each database, you may choose to download :

Puce How to run the different applications

The applications which are available for downloading relate to the databases. They use the Microsoft Windows 95 (or higher versions) environment. To run them, you first need to :

The database and its application have to be located in the same directory.

Puce Use of Acrobat Reader acrobat

The ".pdf" files may be read , on line or out line, with Acrobat Reader. This software may be downloaded free of charges from Adobe's web site :

Puce Information

The applications have been developped with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0. They are self executable and are in freeware.