Presentation of NGONUT
Objectives, Principles, Registration

Présentation de NGONUT
Objectifs, Principes, Inscription

Foreword on NGONUT, the NGO Nutrition association
by the Professor Michael Golden

This discussion group is mainly designed to help those who have to plan, co-ordinate, manage, evaluate or advise nutrition programs in developing countries and for all those nutritionists working in relative professional isolation.

Those in NGOs, UN and donor agencies, health ministries and hospitals in developing countries and academics & researchers in both rich and poor countries are invited to participate. The future leaders (now students) are also invited to join

On the list are many experts in particular fields and those with tremendous experience in running development and emergency programs, who can advise and discuss problems as they arise. However, those with particular knowledge, wisdom and experience are frequently unaware of the real problems that are being grappled with on the field, and those in one area of the world do not know of the advances or insights gained in other areas. The idea is that problems, experience and opinions can be shared with everyone on the list. Important information from the literature can be brought to the attention of those without access to large libraries. And observations that may help others disseminated. The list contains "world authorities" on many different subjects and their advice can be sought informally which is not possible from reading published papers.

So far over 300 people in over 50 countries will receive all the messages posted to the list. There are people on the list from the major NGOs, UN and Donor Agencies, Research Institutes and Academia in the North and South. Between them they have backgrounds ranging from economics to parasitology as well as the main clinical, laboratory and food related disciplines (and administration, finance & logistics, of course).

To get a list of members send a message to <> and in the body of the message just write <<< who ngonut >>> and a list of everyone's Email addresses will be sent to you.

To register to the list send a message to <> or to <>

The list is not meant for non-professional volunteers at field level who would be confused by a series of opinions and conflicting arguments or those who need to be directed by a co-ordinator.

RULES: We have from time to time had a discussion about what we will and what we will not allow to be posted to the list. The membership does not allow advertisements for jobs or for meetings which are not free and available for everyone to join. Messages should NOT be sent with attachments - remember many of our members have to pay to receive messages and do not have the latest software to read attachments - it is frustrating to pay to receive messages which cannot then be read and which are of no interest.

Publications can be advertised provided they are free (or at cost) and available to everyone on request. Other publications can be brought to our attention by an independent person giving a critical review of the document (i.e. not an advert from the author/publisher)